Despite his outstanding achievements, Nikola Tesla has not yet his rightful place in the History of Science. This non-profit website aims to help correct this injustice.

Within this framework, our main objective is to collect the majority of documents from or related to Nikola Tesla, in order to better understand the man and his works, and to make them freely accessible to all, while respecting copyright and publication rights.

If you are sensitive to our approach, you can help the website in different ways. Please contact us preferably by e-mail. We maintain an Acknowledgements/Thanks banner on the home page, please let us know if you would like to be included or not.

Donation of documents

As this website is mainly dedicated to the collection and dissemination of documents related to Nikola Tesla, we maintain a list which can be consulted on the page Documents. If you have documents on Tesla, or its works, which are not listed, you may send us copies or scans, indicating whether or not you own the copyright and/or publication rights. If you are aware of them, and these do not mention them, please indicate the source and date of the documents transmitted.

Similarly, if you know the existence of documents – without having them – please let us know so that we can keep our list up to date; we will make every effort to locate missing documents.

We limit our collection mainly to documents from 1856 (year of Tesla’s birth) to 1953 (i.e. ten years after his death) because, for the time being, it does not seem useful to us to collect more recent documents mentioning Tesla. However, we are interested in all the documents, including those which may seem uninteresting.

Collection of testimonials

Even though many years have passed since the death of Nikola Tesla in 1943, some have preserved the testimonies of ascendants who may have been directly or indirectly related to him: collaborators, suppliers, hosts, scientists, etc…

If you have any period information about Tesla or people who have been in contact with him, even if the datas are of little importance, please do not hesitate to send it to us, preferably by e-mail.

These testimonials can be used to cross-check informations we have, to open up new ways to find knowledge, documents or artefacts considered to be lost.

Donation of your time

If you have time, you can help us collect documents, especially those mentioned as missing in the list. These documents should then be transcribed into their original language then translated into English. This work facilitates the reading of the documents and allows a keyword search.

To carry out this work, we need volunteers for collection, transcription, translation and proofreading.

If you wish to intervene, please contact us, preferably by e-mail, specifying the work on which you wish to intervene.

Financial support

The website has no commercial purpose and access to all its content is free for all. However, in order to carry out the task we have set ourselves, we need money mainly to pay for the publication rights of certain documents. Thus, all documents we have at our disposal can not be published until the fees have been paid.

In addition, in order to improve the distribution of Tesla documents, we want to increase the capacity of our web server and improve our bandwidth, which comes at a cost.

To help financially the website, you can make a donation by credit card or Paypal: thanks you for your support.