Discovers the rotating field and invents the first alternating current motor

Invents the Tesla coil to study high-frequency alternating current at very high voltages

Proliferation of inventions related to the production and wired distribution of alternating current

Together with Westinghouse, he contributes to install the first AC hydroelectric power plants

Invents radio before Marconi

Invents wireless power transmission

Invents radio-controlled devices

Discovers X-rays before Röntgen

Invents the disc turbine

Is the first to set the principle of radar

Invents the first vertical take-off and landing aircraft

Filed approximately 280 patents, the exact number of his inventions remains undetermined to this day

Is endowed with exceptional intellectual capacities (Mental conception, Photographic memory)

Speaks and writes a dozen languages

Obtains many awards and is made Honorary Doctor of several Universities

Becomes a vegetarian

Is for women’s right to vote

Against the death penalty

Discovers Cosmic radiation before Hess

Discovers Stationary Waves

Deeply Believer