Update of May 30, 2024: We regret to inform you that the conditions have not been met for FuturaExpo 2024 – the futuristic exhibition dedicated to Nikola Tesla – to take place during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
We are considering the next steps, which will depend on the willingness of exhibitors and sponsors.

Thank you for your understanding.

However, Nikola Tesla’s Aeroplane Helicopter project is continuing, and we will be bringing you more news about it soon. If you would like to help, please do not hesitate to .

April 8, 2022 saw the launch of Nikola Tesla’s Aeroplane-Helicopter project – one of the first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and tiltrotor aircraft – with the first goal being to build the aircraft. The second purpose was to exhibit the Aeroplane for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, especially as this event will see passengers transported by eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) cabs, which is a world first. The idea was to showcase both the technology of the past – because, unless mistaken, Nikola Tesla was the first to imagine and patent such an aerial vehicle – and the technology of the future. The visibility of the Games enabled us to pay tribute to Nikola Tesla on a global scale.

Although a great deal of work has gone into finding sponsors and companies to supply components for the Aeroplane (manufacturers of mechanical parts, designers of electronic cards, etc.), it is clear that the aircraft cannot be built in time for the Olympics, but even with a delay, it will be built.

In order to pay tribute to Nikola Tesla on a global scale, we reoriented the project to include an exhibition of Tesla’s and future technologies, as he said he was working for the future. This seemed all the more relevant given that Nikola Tesla is one of the pioneers of some of today’s cutting-edge technologies (VTOL, robotics, wireless power transmission…). The exhibition, called FuturaExpo, will therefore be dedicated to him.

As the Groupe ADPwhich among other things manages the Paris airports and contributes to Paris Air Mobility – is the initiator of the Paris air cabs for the Olympics, we asked for its support in finding a suitable venue for the exhibition. The Groupe ADP responded favorably in principle and, on April 12, 2024, offered us one of the large hangars at Pontoise – Cormeilles Aerodrome. This is a very interesting site, as it is where the Groupe ADP is testing eVTOLs in partnership with the Île-de-France region and the manufacturer Volocopter. It will therefore be possible to combine the display of cutting-edge technologies indoors with flight demonstrations of eVTOLs outdoors.

In order to finance this exhibition by renting stands, we have contacted major companies specializing in the following cutting-edge technologies:

  • • Aeronautics (especially VTOLs);
  • • Astronautics (reusable launchers, inflatable space habitats, asteroid mining, etc.);
  • • Automotive (autonomous vehicles, etc.),
  • • Robotics;
  • • Artificial intelligence (AI, IAG, AI-generated media, etc.);
  • • Quantum computers and systems, quantum cryptography, quantum radar, spintronics;
  • • Advanced computing (exaflopic supercomputing, neuromorphic computing, optical computing, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, automatic speech recognition, subvocal recognition…);
  • • 3D printing;
  • • New materials and e-textiles;
  • • Energy (production, wireless energy transmission, artificial photosynthesis, etc.);
  • • Environmental improvement technologies (bioplastics, etc.);
  • • Biotechnologies;
  • • DNA (sequencing, DNA data storage, etc.);
  • • Advanced electronics (GPU, memristor, computer vision, Lidar, flexible electronics, 3D optical data storage, holographic data storage, electronic nose…), microelectronics and nanotechnologies;
  • • Advanced mechanics and electromechanics (electromechanical nanosystems, etc.);
  • • Communications (Li-Fi, brain-computer interface…);
  • • Medical (prosthetics, exoskeletons, nanomedicine, nanosensors, robot-assisted surgery, synthetic biology, tissue engineering);
  • • Etc.

Companies and laboratories wishing to attend have until May 31, 2024 inclusive to register their intention to exhibit. Some exhibitors have already confirmed their attendance.

However, exhibitors wishing to set up their own stand may do so, provided they comply with the exhibition’s futuristic charter. For information, the cost of equipped stands is 1,000 euros ex-VAT /sqm and the cost of bare stands (surface to be fitted out) is 500 euros ex-VAT /sqm.

We reserve the right to refuse certain exhibitors if the technologies they wish to display do not correspond to those we have planned.

We have also invited the French Overseas Regions, Collectivities and Territories to take part in the exhibition, by selecting companies or laboratories with cutting-edge technologies that demonstrate local know-how. And, in the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a public vote will select the best technology, and the candidate and the institution will be awarded The Nikola Tesla Grand Prix for Innovation 2024.

Equipped stands for Institutions will benefit from the preferential rate of 691 euros ex-VAT /sqm, and bare stands (surface to be fitted out) from 346 euros ex-VAT /sqm. As for companies and laboratories, institutions wishing to exhibit have until May 31, 2024 inclusive to make their intentions known.

The exhibition website – FuturaExpo.com – is currently under construction and is scheduled to open on June 1, 2024.

Any profits from the exhibition will go towards building or replicating Nikola Tesla’s technologies.

Any individual, organization or sponsor wishing to contribute to the exhibition can contact us. Thanks.