Although it is not yet obvious, since the project was launched, a great deal of work has gone into finding sponsors and companies to supply components for the Aeroplane (mechanical parts manufacturer, electronic board designer, etc.).

Current progress means that we can expect construction to start next year. Ideally, we would have liked the Aeroplane to be completed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games; all the more so as this event will see the transport of passengers by VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) for the first time in France. The idea was to showcase both the technology of the past – because, unless error, Nikola Tesla was the first to imagine and patent such an aerial vehicle – and the technology of the future. The visibility of the Games enabling to pay tribute to Nikola Tesla on a global scale.

But, unless we receive rapid and substantial support, the Aeroplane should be completed after the Olympic Games.

We will continue to keep you informed as the project progresses.

In any case, a big thanks to all those who support us with their encouragement, advice and donations.