12/12/2020 – Implementation of the online store

This store is intended for the online sale of rare books and manuscripts related to Nikola Tesla. It is accessible from the “For Sale” option in the main menu. Profits from the sales will be used to accelerate the online publishing of the collection and to finance the reproduction of some of Tesla’s technologies.

If you have the soul of a philanthropist, you can donate your purchase to a museum, especially if it is a manuscript in Tesla’s own handwriting.

10/13/2020 – Agreement signed with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

An agreement was signed today with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade for access to its archives; NikolaTesla.fr sincerely thanks the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Mrs. Director Ivona Jevtić and the whole team of the museum.

10/05/2020 – The Members section is open

The Members section is open as of this day. It is accessible via the Register link (to become a Member) or via the Log In link (for Members already registered) located on the right side of the menu.

09/15/2020 – Welcome to the new version of NikolaTesla.fr!

The website has been redesigned to, on the one hand, facilitate the online publication of the collection which represents to date 15,300 period documents relating to Nikola Tesla and his works.
On the other hand, it is designed as a search engine for documents via the “Search” function of the menu.

While waiting for the integration of the documents in the redesigned website, the old list is available via the menu.

It is possible to know the number of period documents integrated by the counters at the bottom of the page in the “Statistics” section.

Compared to the old version, some pages or functions have disappeared (such as the editing of books and posters) because they did not have the expected result. Instead, and because funding is needed to speed up the online distribution, access to certain documents will involve a small participation fee.

The main goal of this website remains to present the facts related to Nikola Tesla, that is why the period documents have priority.

Recent articles, dealing with specific topics, possibly hypothetical, are placed in the “blog” part of the menu.

This website could not exist without the contribution of Institutions, companies or private individuals, which are thanked here.

The creator of NikolaTesla.fr