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Current search

• 3D metal printing.

• Specialist in carbon fiber and/or carbon fiber 3D printing.

• Sponsors or funding.

June 2024

• Designer Bruno Silva Costa joins the project.

• 3D design of the Aeroplane begins.

January 2024

• Contact with the ESTACA engineering school in Laval (France) to obtain the participation of a student engineer in the project.


• Seeking sponsors, mainly to finance tools and materials.

• Contact with companies able to contribute to the project through their know-how (parts manufacturing, electronics design, etc.).

August 2022

Dr. Patrick Cornille, retired from the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), joins the project as Scientific Advisor.

June 2022

• Search for people who have already worked on replicating vintage aircraft, in particular via the RSA Federation.

April 2022

• Launch of the Aeroplane Helicopter project to make Nikola Tesla’s childhood dream. After considering the idea of building only a (non-flying) model using the materials of the time (wood, canvas, etc.), it was finally decided to build a full-size droned version of the aircraft, using modern materials (carbon fiber, etc.).

• The Aeroplane project obtains the support of the Tesla Science Foundation (USA) and of the Nikola Tesla Museum (Serbia).

• Selection and search of documents related to the Aeroplane.