11/20/2023 News

12/06/2023 – Auction of a Signed Greeting Card dated 1880s and signed by Nikola Tesla

On December 6, 2023 at 18:00 (…)

03/08/2024 Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first school science project

Everyone knows astronaut Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) as the first man to set foot on the Moon. It was on July (…)

12/31/2023 Project progress

Although it is not yet obvious, since the project was launched, a great deal of work has gone into finding (…)

11/28/2023 Fire at Tesla’s Lab: Immediate Restoration Needed


Laboratory Launches $3-Million Emergency Fund Drive

This is an urgent global alert!

We need you to (…)

06/07/2023 Should Nikola Tesla have received a Nobel Prize?

Acknowledgements: NikolaTesla.fr would like to thank the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for providing material for this article.It is important to note that this paper…

11/07/2022 Project Participants

Mr. Fabien Lecler, Creator of NikolaTesla.fr and Initiator of the Nikola Tesla’s aeroplane project Mr. Nikola Lonchar, President and Founder of the Tesla Science Foundation…

New participant: Mrs. Kavya Valluri

We are pleased to inform that Mrs. Kavya Valluri joined the Aeroplane project.

Mrs. Valluri is an aeronautical engineer. She assumes (…)

08/29/2022 New participant: Dr. Patrick Cornille

We are pleased to inform that Dr. Patrick Cornille joined the Aeroplane project.

Dr. Cornille is a retired physicist of the (…)

05/12/2022 New participant: Beoavia

We are pleased to inform that Beoavia joined the Aeroplane project.

Beoavia is a team of aeronautics students from the University (…)

04/26/2022 Belgian Patents

Nikola Tesla filed 21 patents in Belgium, the list is as follows:

05/19/1891 BE94940 : Procédé et appareil perfectionnés pour produire (…)

04/25/2022 Lord Kelvin

British physicist (…)

Thomas Alva Edison

American inventor and industrialist (…)

Emma Calvé

French opera singer (…)

John Pierpont Morgan

American banker and collector (…)

Mark Twain

Is the pen name of the American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens (…)

John Jacob Astor IV

American businessman and inventor (…)

George Westinghouse

American inventor, engineer and entrepreneur (…)

04/23/2022 Aeroplane Patents

The Tesla’s patents related to the aeroplane are the following: 04/04/1921 GB185446: Method of and Apparatus for Aerial Transportation04/03/1922 BE302,824: Procédé et appareil pour transports…

04/18/2022 New participant: Nikola Tesla Museum

We are pleased to inform that Dr. Branimir Jovanović and the Nikola Tesla Museum have joined the Aeroplane project.

Member and (…)

04/14/2022 Poll Status


04/11/2022 New participant: Tesla Science Foundation

We are pleased to inform that Mister Nikola Lonchar, President and Founder of the Tesla Science Foundation, has joined the (…)

04/08/2022 Do you want to contribute to the construction of Nikola Tesla’s aeroplane?

Since childhood, Nikola Tesla dreamed of flying and inventing a flying machine.

He had to wait until the 1920s, to obtain (…)

Project Presentation

Since childhood, Nikola Tesla dreamed of flying and inventing a flying machine.

He had to wait until the 1920s, to obtain (…)

12/08/2021 What to think about… the Death Ray [True]

After working on the wired transmission of alternating current, Tesla studied – at least since 1894 – solutions for the (…)

12/06/2021 What to think about… Tesla’s Involvement in the Tunguska Event [False]

Nikola Tesla would have carried out an experiment of wireless transmission of energy by the ground which would have produced (…)

What to think about… Tesla’s Involvement in the Rainbow Project – Philadelphia Experiment [False]

Tesla would have participated in an experiment to make a ship invisible: the USS Eldridge.

Several elements confirm that Tesla was (…)

What to think about… Wireless power transmission [True]

Tesla actually developed a wireless energy and information transmission system first in his experiments in Colorado Springs where he lit (…)

What to think about… the Electric Pierce-Arrow [Maybe true]

One of the stories associated with Tesla is that he ran an electric Pierce-Arrow without a power source on board.

While (…)

What to think about… Free energy or quasi-free energy [True]

First, let’s agree on the words ‘Free energy‘: This term has two meanings:1- system producing energy by itself or perpetual motion;2- system producing energy from…

05/23/2021 Search for a missing document

To complete the collection, NikolaTesla.fr is looking for the following document:

Original title: Pourquoi Nikola Tesla, créateur de la radio-électricité, a-t-il (…)

05/14/2021 Animated photography of Nikola Tesla in 1885 at age 29


Music: The Moment Of Light by Anton Khoryukov

Software animation: D-ID https://www.d-id.com via MyHeritage https://www.myheritage.com (…)

09/17/2020 Milutin, father of Nikola Tesla

(…) Of all things I liked books the best. My father had a large library and whenever I could manage (…)

Đuka Mandić, mother of Nikola Tesla

(…) My mother was an inventor of the first order and would, I believe, have achieved great things had she (…)

09/09/2020 Photograph of Nikola Tesla presumably at age 25

Nikola Tesla arrives in Paris (France) in April 1882.In May 1884, he will leave France from the port of Le (…)

Lord Kelvin : “Then you are not making use of Hertz waves?”

III. The Singular Misconception of the Wireless(…) In the summer of 1897 Lord Kelvin happened to pass thru New York (…)

Faster than light!

In the course of experiments on wireless electricity transmission, Nikola Tesla found that the speed of light could be exceeded. (…)

09/13/1953 Nikola Tesla Radar Pioneer


02/22/1928 The Niagara Falls Gazette: New Air Craft

Article on page 13


New Air Craft

NEW YORK.. Feb. 22 – ? – Patents on a “helicopter-airplane” which would have a (…)