One of the stories associated with Tesla is that he ran an electric Pierce-Arrow without a power source on board.

While some of the things told are untrue, there is circumstantial evidence to suggest that the original story may be true.

Of course, I am not only giving a personal opinion but I am basing myself on my documentary research: For example, some people consider that Peter Savo never existed and that his whole story is false.

In fact, I found Peter Savo’s real name; he changed his name when he emigrated to the United States. From there, I was able to verify that the personal informations, mentioned in his testimony, are true.

Furthermore, through another source, I found information about wireless energy transmission experiments on a car (brand not specified). These experiments of wireless energy transmission, several kilometers away, were successful.

Although, to date, I have no proof that the Pierce-Arrow electric story is true, I have come to the tentative conclusion that it may be true. New evidence will undoubtedly lead to a definitive conclusion some day.