Tesla actually developed a wireless energy and information transmission system first in his experiments in Colorado Springs where he lit light bulbs several miles away.

Later, the first piece of the commercial version of this technology was the Wardenclyffe tower. Successful tests were conducted from this tower, although this fact is not always known.

Although Tesla was grateful to John Pierpont Morgan for his financial support of the project, it is likely that Morgan – although initially interested in the global wireless information transmission system – did not want to see the wireless power transmission through to completion.

In fact, once Morgan understood all the implications of Tesla’s system, including the programmed end of wired transmission (unless I am mistaken, Morgan was a shareholder of General Electric); he did not pursue the financing of this project. However, if we consider only the Wardenclyffe project, Morgan was acting against his interests by stopping the financing of this project, considering the sums already invested, the fact that the technology was functional and that it would have allowed him to have control over the first world communication system.

It is often said that the reason for Morgan’s withdrawal is due to Tesla’s desire to make wireless energy free. To this day, it is not possible for me to determine if this conception is correct or not.